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Wuhan buys lowest of airline ticket of Beijing spic direction to be able to be e

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Spring carry is about to end, civil aviaton market is entered off-season. Business ministry of Wuhan of reporter yesterday Cong Haihang learns, come since yesterday on April 20, hai Hang is rolled out ahead of schedule 3 weeks of Guangzhou that order, favour is applied, the lowest of course airline ticket such as Beijing can enjoy the 1.9 activities that lose privilege.
According to introducing, come since yesterday on April 20, hai Hang is rolled out " common people is happy " product, wuhan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, favour apply, favour Shi Wuhan, Wuhan, the airline ticket of the course such as Beijing, the person that buy a ticket can serve a hot line through dialing Hai Hang 24 hours to order a ticket 950718 or Http of website of passenger ticket of electron of entry Hai Hang: / / is ordered 3 weeks ahead of schedule, enjoy 1.9 lose privilege; Ahead of schedule two weeks are enjoyed 2.9 lose privilege. Because the amount of special offer airline ticket of every airliner is limited, the passenger that gives a plan needs to be bought ahead of schedule.
Other and favourable circumstance (come to will stop on March 31)
Shift to an earlier date 4 days to buy Wuhan, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen can be enjoyed 2.5 fold it is 230 yuan respectively, 250 yuan lowest is favourable;
Shift to an earlier date 7 days to buy Wuhan, Beijing course airline ticket, can enjoy the 2 lowermost privilege that lose 220 yuan;
Shift to an earlier date 3 days to buy Wuhan, Xi'an, Wuhan, favour Shi Jien Shi Wuhan course airline ticket, can enjoy the 3 lowermost privilege that lose.

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