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Brazil prohibits carrying carry liquid goods to take international scheduled fli

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BrazilCivil aviaton total bureau announced a few days ago, since this year April, prohibit carrying liquid article in portable baggage on the international airliner of classics Brazil.

Announcement of civil aviaton total bureau says, liquid article is same forbid to bring international flight number. If carry glue state, cream agent of mist of shape, fat shape, gas and other analogue are tasted, must put its transparent polybag, every passenger is most portable 1 such polybag, gross of the article inside bag must not exceed 100 milliliter. Polybag must part with other and portable baggage, so that accept an inspection.

The requisite such as food of prescription drug, baby can take a plane, but can carry only seize the opportunity the indispensible amount in road.

Last year in August, terrorist attempts what with be being installed not easily check personnel discovers is self-restrained liquid bomb makes a surprise attack fromEnglandFly toThe United Statesflight, be uncovered by British police. After this, euramerican andAsiaAnd other places strengthens airport security to check in succession, prohibit the passenger carries liquid article.

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