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The United States swims charge will do subtraction

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The United States becomes Chinese citizen formally to form a delegation leave the country after travel destination country, each are big travel agent casts an United States to swim in succession characteristic circuitry, "Won't only bureau be confined to of 10 days of above ' exceed constant holiday ' , 7 days of or so holiday will bring more selection to the tourist. " travel agent personage still expresses, "The United States swims charge also will do subtraction, bring material benefit to the citizen. Bring material benefit to the citizen..

Travel circuitry: Thing coast

Travel agent respect predicts, next year travel market may cause heat of travel of level sex United States. The United States that travel agent designs at present swims circuit is divided roughly for east, on the west coasting, namely the sightseeing of the city such as san Francisco, Las Vegas, los angeles, Washington, new York travels; The coast adds Hawaiian a gleam of on the west; The travel time of these circuitry is in more 10 days of above, and the price also is controlled in 24000 yuan. Current, the American travel line that each travel agent designs all is sightseeing travel, with browsing the United States each big city scene, tourist attraction, museum is given priority to.

Travel time: Emphasize particularly on 78 days

Force of nation of river of Shanghai bright and beautiful leaves the country Dong Ming tells a controller the reporter, "Number of season of the travel that go to the United States will arrive from 7 days half month differs, we will emphasize the travel product that develops 78 days after.

Because go to case of beautiful plane the price of a ticket,consumption of accommodation of costly, United States compares advanced element, the cost house that the United States swims does not fall high. The reporter understands, at present on the market 15 days of United States swim the price 25000 yuan - differ 35000 yuan. Stay in the United States to prevent a tourist, travel agent presses a regulation even to every tourist collection 100 thousand, 150 thousand yuan cash pledge. In addition, go to the United States through business affairs visa, before need takes neat invitation letter, form, financial condition to prove to wait for material, be stationed in toward the United States China embassy interview, certificate fee is added make an appointment expend aggregate RMB 1000 multivariate.

Travel price: small fall after a rise

The United States forms a delegation formally to Chinese citizen swim after opening, the travel that go to the United States predicts meeting occurrence Xiaogao is wet, the addition of the number will reduce apportion cost. The personage inside Euramerican department line of business discloses force of Shanghai age nation, the quote that travel agent United States swims also can be reduced accordingly, visa policy will simplify somewhat, also meet those who bring charge reduce. If cash pledge also decreases, will be bigger profit good. Additionally the personage inside course of study estimates, the price probably cheap 10% to 20% .

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