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18 Guangzhou reached Beijing Tianjin a few days ago airline ticket lowest 3 fold

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Grass grows the season that warbler flies to, tropics of spring go for a walk in the country in spring moves sale of Fosan airline ticket to warm up. Reporter from home each booking office that big airline is in Fosan understands yesterday, because climax of spring go on a journey has come, fosan airline ticket sells the whole line " warm up " , 3 fold the following low ticket to seek sign already hard, rise now, guangzhou flying northeast, Hua Dong, Hua Zhongfang to airline ticket is in at least 3 fold above. If the citizen wants to be bought so that hit lose airline ticket, had better shift to an earlier date a month orders a ticket.

The airline ticket that has Guangzhou to fly to many towns of domestic now is in 3 fold above, only a few course still has sales promotion admission fee, be like northward course respect, before April 18, guangzhou flies to Beijing, Tianjin to still 3 lose airline ticket, fare 510 yuan; Northeast direction, the discount of airline ticket lowest that Guangzhou flies to Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin also is 3.5 fold, price is 810 yuan respectively, 720 yuan, 890 yuan; China Oriental to, guangzhou flies to Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ning Bo, Wen Zhou, Hefei, Shanghai to since April 10 will 3 fold special offer ticket to sell, nevertheless, ticket of this batch of low will end on April 16 sold, if the citizen heads for afore-mentioned areas to must be booked ahead of schedule; Hua Na direction, guangzhou flies to big talk, 3 inferior 17 also have 2.5 to lose low bill a few days ago this month, the price is 180 yuan only, 200 yuan. But these tickets make work basically already exhaust. And 10 days rise this month, guangzhou flies to Hua Zhongfang to airline ticket is rarely seen already low discount ticket, the airline ticket that Guangzhou flies to Changsha, Wuhan is in at least 4 fold above.

Relevant controller represented booking office of Na Hang Fosan yesterday, at present airline ticket sale had spanned off-season, greet busy season gradually. Nowadays, even if is not on the weekend, also have a lot of people by plane go on a journey, airline ticket discount is so little also a lot of. Although still have bill of favourable partial route special offer at present,also be to come loose the guest sees cabin is sold, along with order along with carry out, and the autograph is not gotten to turn after special offer bill gives a bill, must not change, must not return a ticket, must not rise cabin. Book a circumstance to look from current airline ticket, enter in April after the middle ten days of a month, metropolis violent wind promotes the airline ticket of a lot of direction to 4 fold above, the citizen is like the journey to decide, had better shift to an earlier date a month orders a ticket, buy the odds that gets low bill so gift is a few greater.

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