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To 3 inferior go vacationing airline ticket accommodation all depreciates

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The reporter understands yesterday, chengdu arrives big talk, 3 inferior airline ticket price has begun to drop, 26 days - 29 days go big talk can buy the 4 airline ticket that lose 610 yuan, and 26 days, 27 days go 3 inferior can buy the 5 airline ticket that lose 800 yuan, 28 days, 29 days go 3 inferior can buy 5.5 lose 870 yuan of airline ticket. In addition, turn by way of Chongqing fly 3 inferior, can buy 26 days of lowest 4 lose 520 yuan of airline ticket. The airline ticket that goes to Shenzhen, Guangzhou begins to drop. Fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin these days airline ticket price does not poor, flying Beijing lowest 6.5 fold 940 yuan, flying Shanghai lowest 7 fold 1130 yuan, lowest of flying Apsaras ferry 6 fold 920 yuan.

The reporter understands, at present 3 inferior climate is delightful, visit just about 3 inferior inning. Current, not only fly 3 inferior airline ticket is hit fold, petty gain is very much during accommodation also compares even the hotel the Spring Festival.

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