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Spring price fall of carry airline ticket
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2007 spring the multinomial record that carry created calendar year spring to carry. A few days ago, overhead profit swims business travel net cleans out 100 beneficial of ticket net, Shanghai and Guangzhou to arrange a few home such as beneficial jointly agent of ticket of large scale computer, through be opposite with all possible means the collect of information, announced spring findings report of carry airline ticket.

Show according to this report, boat carries Chun Yunmin this year relatively in former years appears give the following characteristics: Spring Festival airline ticket is overall this year the price relatively the corresponding period dropped somewhat 2006, partial line drops extent exceeds 10 % ; Height going there and back relatively in former years shifts to an earlier date somewhat; Transport power is enough, aviation order relatively increased 14 % above 2006; The international airline ticket that heads for popular travel city is apparent grow in quantity; The airline ticket after the golden week and range of diving of case of travel travel expense are big.

To this, overhead profit swims analysis of president Tan manage state affairs says: "Airline ticket price relatively in former years drops somewhat is this year spring the one big characteristic of carry, because increase of aviation transport power considerably,this is on one hand, it is this year on the other hand the time that the passenger engages airline ticket shifts to an earlier date somewhat, also get additionally fare of railroad, highway transportation not the influence of rise