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Can of price of the airline ticket after the section compares a train ticket
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The reporter arrives from big airline and understanding of each net of the journey that carry Cheng yesterday, the can of price of discount airline ticket that near future of a few airline makes compares a train ticket, this year the start shooting of price war of first-run airline ticket after the Spring Festival.

According to carrying Cheng chief of department of business of viatic net airline ticket introduces, the course that at present Xiamen sets out, no matter fly to the business affairs city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, still head for 3 inferior, of the travel city such as Qingdao, all present a prices that goes generally low, many course already fell basically to annual minimum price, the price that has partial line more can be rivalled with train price.

For instance Xiamen turns from Beijing by train to Shenyang, except transfer however troubled time is delayed need not say, charge makes an appointment with 700 yuan; And examined from the net that carry Cheng yesterday book airline ticket of Shenyang of Xiamen non-stop flight to will need only even on March 10 3 fold namely 570 yuan (do not contain fuel surtax with the airport construction expends 50 yuan 80 yuan) . Xiamen, Beijing lowest 3 fold, Xiamen, Changsha lowest also wants only 4 fold.

This controller analysis says, civil aviaton entered a tradition now off-season, travel gave the number of travel to also decrease, but course transport power is abundant still, airline is hit in succession lose a sale, in order to attract the passenger source with more sensitive to the price more. Have money for instance leisure is emeritus old people, probable escape stream of people and price peak choose at that time go on a journey. Like Xiamen, lowest of Chengdu airline ticket needs only 4 fold, go to wanting the person attraction of channel of 9 stockaded village is very big.

Of course, this personage also reminds say, airline also can adjust airline ticket price according to sale status at any time, the passenger that gives a plan needs to capture an opportunity to be booked ahead of schedule.