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Classify a search: Break " airline ticket all valence " crammer
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"Because 3 big airline of Chinese decided the value of all airline ticket, because this is different the pattern of plane the price of a ticket of the website is basic and same. " the personage inside some course of study gave out a such sound recently, and the influence of this one judgment rapid from affect inside course of study daily level, because it tries,the graph states a kind " airline ticket allows monopoly " phenomenon. If this one judgment is belonged to solid, after airline ticket will become afterwards train ticket another by the object of each level cannon. But in fact, no matter be " because of " or " if really " , afore-mentioned viewpoints have clear subjective color. The price of the each representative website that gives a bill from different airline at least is not same, perhaps say to have very big difference.

Airline ticket discount is endless and identical

Be in at present country boat, Na Hang, Dong Hang besides the pattern of 3 minutes of the world, the company of local line space such as Xinjiang aviation, Sichuan aviation, Shandong aviation, Hainan aviation also holds many cent specified amounts, have more hitting all the time " base price sales promotion " the civilian battalion of the card airline. Their price giving a bill has very big difference. Additional, the aptitude that nods as a result of each representative is different, return a dot to also have from what airline takes so very big different, so apparently, it is a few cheaper that the fare that one class acts as agent can compare 2 classes representative to want. Finally, the district sex that sells as a result of airline ticket is very strong, generally speaking each representative company can give the airline ticket from personal city only, if think of to take,the airline ticket of other city pays brushstroke additional fee with respect to need, say the acting website price that selects different town also is distinguishing so.

Current, search platform through classification, the user is OK very convenient comparison the price of a ticket that each be commissioned to sell sth orders, order a ticket according to his demand.

Classified search changes the habit that buy a ticket

2006, cruel dispatch net made over a search to change a lot of people successfully to buy the idea of the train ticket through the train ticket, they discover, through the network so this platform seeks a bill more relaxed and quick, right now, classified search lets search a service for the first time at the life level of common people. But as a result of the train ticket member cannot evasive forestall sex, the train ticket makes over a search to be put in very big limitation. And airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth is made and the network is booked make what search for classification grow offerred in advance condition, accordingly, classified search is OK very convenient capture the client demand that the information of website of be commissioned to sell sth has essence of life to locate definitely for its belt.
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