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Empty elder sister treats Zhi Xianji to enrol a person to buy two pieces of airl
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2 meters 14, 115 kilograms, such figure says to Wang Zhi Zhi Lai, can let him issue take charge of a department alone in basket absolutely, on the CBA competition ground that wanting low first gear than NBA antagonism especially. Below the circumstance that does not have foreign aids, wang Zhi mosts is the KING below basket more, without adversary.
But, the life that tall figure also mosts to Wang Zhi brought inconvenience, give a side especially.

8 days afternoon, 81 teams and Liaoning long to long for a team to sit together 13 when the airliner that 05 minutes of Cong Ningbo take off, drive toward Dalian. Liaoning longs to long for a team same as usual, the place that approachs corridor and safe thoroughfare was chosen when they choose a place, the stature because of them is global on the high side, especially Gu Li course of study, Li Xiaoxu, Tian Yu, Liu Xiangtao player of a few planted agent.

81 teams are slow in coming, most for Wang Zhi at long last nevertheless the place that the player requirement with such tall figures reached the first. Dan Fei machine has not taken off, empty elder sister tells Wang Zhi to most: "The place that you take is our department by what grow, inside 5 minutes after the plane takes off, according to the requirement, he must sit in that position. " good got the seat with a capacious space not easily, wang Zhi mosts not to want to let a place really, he follows empty elder sister argy-bargy: "I take no less than places inside, be no good I am standing. " after getting the rejection with firm tone of empty elder sister, wang Zhi mosts to sit to the side constrainedly locally.

Because this airliner gets the air traffic control of Shanghai airport, waited for a hour to just take off in place fully. Fuggy engine room lets Wang Zhi mosted to doff jacket another. Empty elder sister sees his afflictive look, couldn't help mentioning to suggest to him: "Let your coach buy two pieces of airline ticket to your person later, take two seats to be met a lot of. Take two seats to be met a lot of..