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Squadron of ATR of department of flight of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang is strict
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Recently, because suffer effect of Urumqi big mist, branch of Na Hang Xinjiang tens of the airliner causes incur loss through delay or cancel, to ATR squadron executive airliner task brings a lot of difficulty, be aimed at this, ministry. Leader of a large body of takes seriously very much, the aircrew that reminds task of all executive airliner especially should father a discharged standard and flight standard, prevent mood of urgent a confusion of voices, put an end to blind act recklessly, ensure the flight is safe, enact specific measure for this squadron: 1, the aircrew with powerful force of reasonable and tie-in technology executes airliner mission. 2, after aircrew receives airliner job, want to make serious and meticulous preparation, especially weather, equipment falls the airport, return to base, answer boat undertake preparative adequately, should accomplish between unit staff harmonious and consistent, information is communicated. 3, father a weather standard and flight standard and other technology standard. 4, implement each regulations system strictly, had done take off make and enter close your, insist to implement inspection only system. 5, had done what be in a circumstance to fall especially to deal with with lash-up ability. 6, accomplish know fairly well, no risk at all, avoid paralytic thought and not sober flight.