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Liaoning releases early-warning of snow calamity red all freeways break down bas
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Go on snow ground, firn did not cross an ankle actually. The petty Xue Li with concentrated move blows be mingled with of fierce wind howl to the face of people, let a person open an eye hard. Whole town ased if to bring back severe winter from spring. Shenyang center observatory from 4 days 5 when come 52 minutes 5 when 55 minutes, in a running fire inside 3 minutes of time signal of 4 weather early-warning; Among them, early-warning signal shows snow calamity red in area of hill of this world of Tie Ling, n, distant, saddle, Shenyang, Benxi, the snowfall that appears to have very big effect to traffic or animal husbandry. This world of indication hold office at court of signal of early-warning of snow calamity orange, mound area of mouth of island of new, bright and beautiful city, calabash, battalion, Pan Jin. Cent of snow calamity early-warning is yellow, orange and red 3 class early-warning, red is most serious one class.

The reporter saves freeway management board to understand from Liaoning, up to 4 days 9 when 30 minutes, divide Shenyang (in relief) red (east) with Shenyang (in relief) big (even) the freeway has partial a section of a highway to debut outside, the others 9 freeways all fronts closes. Suffer its to affect, passenger traffic of city border highway halts use entirely almost. Because be worth spring carry height, people goes to get all right very big impact. Current, the snowfall of Liaoning area still is in continuously.